Thursday, 12 May 2016

Hanami in Tokyo

During the first weekend of April I headed for Tokyo to see the sakura, cherry blossoms, as the season is slightly earlier there than in 1.5-hours-north-of-Tokyo-by-express-train Hitachi/Ibaraki.

I was in Kyoto two years ago for one month and it happened to be April. Thus I have way too many closeup photos of the cherry blossoms and I was too lazy to take any anymore. I might post some from the two years just for you to see them, but this time it's only general hanami, flower watching, photos around Tokyo.

I travelled to Tokyo as usual on Friday night after work and stayed with my lovely host family. On Saturday I planned to meet friends for having a hanami at Ueno Park, which is one of the most popular places for hanami in Tokyo. Hanami itself greatly reminds me of the Finnish May Day picnic on the first of May (Vappu). Except that we don't have the beautiful flowers. But the basic idea of having a picnic and drinking with friends is the same.

Changing trains at the Ueno station on Friday evening and I wasn't the only one.
Entering Ueno Park
Aidan and Anthony.
Aidan, Kashimoto-sensei, Aidan's friend, Jose and Aidan

Everybody has the blue sheets to mark their spot.
Some people had even prepared tables from cardboard boxes.
A lot of people (this was not the peak yet).
One silly photo... basic "me&sakura" photo...
...and one group selfie.
Thousand origami cranes (senbazuru 千羽鶴) are supposed to grant you your wish.
The best view from this side was blocked.
So many people.
Entering the grounds of the controversial Yasukuni Shrine.

Tying a not-so-luckly omikuji.
Naka-Meguro during the night.
Our small group started to split after visiting Chidorigafuchi and in the end only me and Aidan visited Naka-Meguro, which was packed with people. The view would most likely have been better if we would have continued following the river further, but I was too tired of the crowds to even play with my camera and take decent photos.

Sunday was a rainy day so I spend it indoors with my host family. Me and Yuka, the daughter of the family who's a year older than me, took it easy and laid on the electrical carpet (it's waaaarm and so nice) while watching TV. A nice relaxing day after one a bit more tiring one. ^^

Relaxing with Kuroe, the younger one of the family's two dogs.

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