Tuesday, 15 December 2015


Long time no see! Pitkästä aikaa!

I've been lazy with this blog (again!), so there hasn't been any updates for a long time. I have also taken a lot of photos with my phone, but I can't to transfer them to my computer at the moment. I'm going to update things while in Finland. At least something. :)

Anyway, I'm doing fine, here's some updates:

- This is the last week of school, with only final presentation left on Thursday. On Friday we'll have a Christmas Party and tomorrow is reserved for final presentation practice.
- I'll go back home for Christmas, meaning I now have less than a week in Tokyo left. Where has the time gone again?
- My fiance came to visit me mid-November, we went to Kamakura for example, but most of the time the weather was quite bad --> More indoor activities like shopping, karaoke etc., less sightseeing, but anyway fun. :)
- I took the Japanese language proficiency exam (JLPT) level N3 on 6th of December, it went ok, I think I should pass.
- I had a great time with my host family during the visit in October and I've met them also a couple of times after that. :)
- Visited Lake Kawaguchi during a holiday and visited also amusent park FujiQ Highland, which has some world record rollercoasters. Saw Mt. Fuji!
- The internship starts in the beginning of January, but we already had a 2 hour introductory visit to our work place (which is all the way in Hitachi-shi).
- No snow in Tokyo (as expected), but it actually feels like autumn: There are still warm days, I'm using my lightest jacket and some trees still have almost all their leaves. In Japan the indoors are cold during winter though so there have been plenty of times I've used my wool sweaters.

Also, if there's someone reading this blog who is considering for applying for Vulcanus program for the next year. Just do it. :) Thus far the language course has been demanding, but at the same time fun and rewarding (I really can't believe how much I've improved even though it feels like I'm slower learner than my classmates). I can't comment about the internship yet, but I'm looking forward to experiencing life at the countryside (well at least it's countryside compared to Tokyo).

For questions about the application, you can check out the Vulcanus forum which Jose is keeping up. I'm also registered there and can answer via there or here on comments if you have some questions, though the application process is pretty straightforward in the end. :)