Vulcanus statistics

This page is just meant to give some basic idea of the participants for Vulcanus '15–'16.

How many are we?

Vulcanus in Japan has 45 participants this year. You can find the map of us at the EU-Japan Centre's Vulcanus page.

Where are we from?

To be accepted into Vulcanus you have to be from an EU member country (or next year students from Montenegro, Turkey, FYROM, Iceland and Moldova can apply as well). This year most represented countries seem to Italy, Poland, Belgium and Spain. From Finland there has usually been only one participant each year, so we've done very well this year as based on the names we were the only Finns on the shortlist this year and we both got selected. :) This graph is based on the whole group which means 45 people.

Who are we?

Usually in engineer studies most students are male and there are only a couple of females, let's say 10-20% (at least in my field). This year our Vulcanus group has surprisingly many girls, but I think it's nice to have more girls than usually as the boys are going to be the majority anyway. This graph is based on 45 people and so this means that there are 14 girls and 31 guys.

How old are we?

As the people selected for Vulcanus have to be at least on their fourth year of studies, we are all 20+ years old. Also as one must still be a student when applying, many are slightly under 25. The graph is based on 30 people.

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