Sunday, 25 October 2015

Asakusa [Sat 12th Sept]

Some pictures from my trip to Asakusa with some fellow Vulcanusians in September. Asakusa is a district in Tokyo and it's famous for the Kaminari Gate and the Sensoji Temple.

The famous Kaminarimon
Asakusa sunset
Jose (ES, left) happy with his 大吉 - goog luck omikuji. Joan (ES) got a bad one if I remember right. No worries though, you just tie the bad luck one to a string at the temple and leave it behind.
Some Asakusa restaurants
Dinner at okonomiyaki (etc.) restaurant where you sit on the floor.
Ed was happy to get something to cook.
Sensoji looks better in the dark.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Odaiba and Oktoberfest [9th Oct]

Last Friday we headed for Odaiba in Tokyo for Miraikan Museum and Odaiba Oktoberfest. Miraikan had a special Pokemon exhibition some people wanted to see, but the weather was really nice so I wanted to stay outside. I might go back there some day to see ASIMO, a humanoid robot, which can walk, run, climb stairs, kick a ball etc. while standing on two feet. I think that's really impressing even though I don't know much about robotics. Here's one video about ASIMO.

Oktoberfest was not quite as lively as the real Oktoberfest in Munich and a bit expensive as well as they had German beers, so some of us opted for buying beers from the shopping mall and drinking them outside the Oktoberfest area. So I actually walked and hanged out more outside the area than inside. 

We left the Oktoberfest when it ended at 10 pm and took the Yurikamome monorail to Shimbashi station. What is so special about that monorail? It doesn't have a driver. See here for a video (not taken by me): daytime , night. These videos take the train to different directions so don't mind that.

Arrived to the Tokyo Teleport Station (by train...)

Ferris wheel of Odaiba

Some "futuristic" architecture

Oktoberfest at 4pm. People hadn't gotten here from work or school yet.

Huge Gundam mecha (=giant robot controlled by human inside). And no, I don't honestly know anything about the Gundam series.

Our drinks and sweets outside the area. The three similar ones are "autumn special beers".

Enjoying those with Conrad (Belgium) and Thomas while watching a limited view sunset.
Vulcanus crew at the Oktoberfest. (The photo was horrible with the colors so I turned it to black and white instead :D)

Inside the tent.
Come on, it's not Christmas yet!
Looking more bad-ass during the night.

Odaiba seafront view at night

Being busy (and lazy)

Hi all,

I know I haven't been active with the blog at all. At first there where so many things to do and see around + the 5 day long holiday "Silver Week" during which I went to Kyoto. After that I had to study for a Japanese language exam as well as write a monthly report for the EU-Japan Centre. I also signed up for the JLPT exam (level N3) and been studying quite a lot since then (I must do that in order to pass the JLPT as passing it seems so far away at the moment...).

I have too many photos and videos to sort out and I'm being lazy, which means I rather do almost anything else than write the blog. (oops :P) But I'm planning to post a lot of things that happened during the past month soon.

Today I had the second conversation test at school and it went ok, even though I was worried before it. We'll probably get the results already tomorrow, so I'll let you know later when I write about the school. Tomorrow well only have half a day of school as in the afternoon were are going to the Ikebukuro Bosaikan Life Safety Learning Center, which means we'll experience a typhoon, an earthquake and escaping a burning house (or something like that) through simulations there.

On the weekend I'll have a home stay with a Japanese family for one night. Looking forward to that! :)

This was just a small update that I'm alive and well (though tired). I'll promise to write more soon!

Edit// Oh, and if you have something you would like to know about the life here or something about Japan or the programme in general, tell me and I'll try my best to answer and/or write about that. :)