Thursday, 17 March 2016

Throwback Thursday: Tokyo apartment

I promised photos of my room in Tokyo for comparison to the one in Hitachi. Here they are!

The room looks pretty ok in the photos, but guess how much stuff I hid behind the bed. :P Not really much space to do anything, especially to cook anything. The table also wasn't big enough for my study style (I need space to spread my books and notes!), but luckily there are plenty of cafes in Tokyo where I could go for studying.

But the location was perfect! If you don't remember, I lived in Takadanobaba and had only two stations to Shinjuku and five stations to Shibuya with Yamanote Line, which is the busiest line in Tokyo. I certainly don't miss the morning rush hour in it.

Greatest things in my room were the TV (great Japanese listening practice, current room doesn't have one...) and the light switch on the wall next to the bed. 
Yes, I kept my rice cooker on the floor because there was no space.
Doorway with genkan. The closets are only for hanging stuff, so not that useful and I ended up keeping half of my clothes in the suitcase.
If you're still wondering why I'm so happy with the Hitachi kitchen...
Bathroom is a bathroom. It's the same size in Hitachi as well. Note: Japanese people love baths, thus a bathtub and not just a shower. Though I have to admit that taking a hot bath after a long day feels reaaally nice.
My great balcony.
The view. Actually pretty nice if comparing that the people living one floor lower would probably stare at the wall.

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  1. Hey there! It's me again. =D

    First time checking this blog in 2016, and I'm glad I remembered it. Let's drop everything else and get right to the point.

    YOU WENT TO FUJI-Q? D: I'm jealous and enthralled at the same time. Actually, I love roller coasters more than anything. I'm kind of weird like that. My greatest dream in life is to travel to all the best amusement parks in the world and ride all the roller coasters in them. And obviously, being a top tier amusement park in Japan, Fuji-Q Highland is definitely on my list. So I have all kinds of questions! ^^

    You said that "FujiQ has some world record rollercoasters" but did you actually get to ride any of them? I've talked about the subject with my Japanese friend in preparation for the future. ;) He said that sometimes you have to pick the day when you go to the park very carefully, because if it's too windy or something similar they just flat won't run the coasters. (because safety) Did this affect your visit or was everything fine? And if you did ride the coasters, which one did you enjoy the most? Was it fun? Scary? Breathtaking? =) I just want to know everything.

    Also, do you have a sea view from your current room? That's awesome!